BallistiCrete™ Extreme performance coating.

Abuse-Ballistic- Resistant Veneer Plaster made by GigaCrete™

Ballisticrete thickness Capable to stopping multiple shots of 9 mm, 40 caliber, 357 magnum and rifle bullet up to AK 47 7.62 rounds at near point blank range. BallistiCrete is mixed and applied on site like any normal plaster or stucco but is ceramic hard and capable of stopping deadly fire from most weaponry available in the marketplace. The military and homeland security applications, goverment buildings, correctional facilities, and more. Product was presented to JETC Military EXPO in Atlanta Ga and the interest is huge. Direct applied over many substrates including ICF, EPS sprayed foam insulation, cement block, brick, concrete or existing cement based stucco.

BALLISTICRETE protective coating is an inorganic mixture of mineral binders, high quality fillers, and fibers with exceptional impact resistance. The superior ceramic like strength and hardness qualities are designed to flatten a projectile rapidly upon impact, thereby creating greater resistance to penetration. It is environmentally sustainable while providing strength, durability, and economy. It forms a strong bond with expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) with tensile bond strength exceeding the tensile strength of the foam substrate. Unlike other stucco it does not require the application of lath, unless lath is required by the local building codes. It can be applied as a single coat from 1/2" or incrementally layered whilst still in a gel state up to 2" thick depending on application. Heavy duty 20oz "panzer" mesh non combustible glass fiber mesh is embedded within the material during application. A paint finish is recommended after complete curing has taken place in 5 days. BallistiCrete is a natural limestone color and is pre-blended, mix with conventional plaster mixing equipment. It can be pumped and sprayed or hawk and trowelled. BallistiCrete comes in a 2 part package and both are mixed together onsite. Working time is approximately 1 hour at 60-70F.


BallistiCrete is designed to be environmentally responsible and sustainable. It emits no pollutants even in contact with fire, no smoke, no flame and no VOC's. The Product meets emission level requirements of GREENGUARD product quality testing. BallistiCrete is at minimum 98% silica free, and does not support the growth of mold and mildew. Recognized by LEED and US Green Building Council qualifies for points


  • Provides a hard, durable single coat over EPS walls, over 8500 PSI compressive strength (Per ASTM C109)
  • Applies directly over EPS foams, existing stucco, CMU blocks or wood substrates.
  • Noncombustible building material (Per ASTM E136)
  • Zero Flame Spread and Smoke Development (Per ASTM E84)
  • Abrasion and impact resistant (Per ASTM E C 1629-06 and ASTM D 4977-03)
  • Resistant to mold and mildew growth (Per ASTM G21)
  • When applied at a minimum thickness of 1/8" over EPS foam, BallistiCrete meets ICC building code required fire protection requirements (Per UBC 26-3; NFPA 286; and IBC Section 803.2.1, Corner Room Fire Tests).
    H.P White Labs tested Level 1 and Level 8 Ballistic resistance over foam and CMU
  • Exceeds stringent California Air Quality Standards
  • Meets all emission level requirements of GREENGUARD Report # 15763-01
  • Recognized by LEED and USGBC
  • Can be applied to create both smooth and textured finishes; and, it can be painted.
  • No off gassing
 Ballisticrete ballistic testing example


Interior and exterior protective coatings
Mixed and applied on site
Spray or hand troweled
Fast Training Easy to apply
Covers many different substrates
Fast Curing
Large areas covered quickly
All components are containerized
Builds rapidly to many thicknesses
State of the art mixing, pumping spraying

COVERAGE Packaging Applied Thickness Coverage Weight (lbs/sq.ft) Ballistic Level
BallistiCrete 50 lb 5/8" 8.00 SQFT/bag 6 1
BallistiCrete 50 lb 3/4" 6.50 SQFT/bag 7 1-2
BallistiCrete 50 lb 7/8" 6.00 SQFT/bag 8 1-to-3
BallistiCrete 50 lb 1" 5.00 SQFT/bag 10.0 1-to-6
BallistiCrete 50 lb 1.5" 3.33 SQFT/bag 15 1-to-7
BallistiCrete 50 lb 2" 2.50 SQFT/bag 20 1-to-8

Product yields may also vary due to water content and substrate conditions.

Compressive Strength (psi) ASTM C-109 8000 @ 14 days
Flexural Strength (psi)
ASTM C-293 modified 1100 @ 14 days
Cold Water Absorption (% by wt)   7 days 9 %
Shrinkage (% by length) ASTM C-157 Air Cure -7 days 0.002
Freeze-Thaw ICBO AC 11 > 10 cycles
No cracking, crazing, erosion
Surface Burning ASTM E-84 Flame Spread: Zero
Smoke Developed: Zero
Combustibility ASTM E-136 Non-Combustible


BALLISTICRETE is available in 50-lb. (22.5 kg) moisture-resistant sealed plastic bags.


When properly store indoors in original sealed packaging, BALLISTICRETE has a shelf life of one year from the date of manufacture.


BALLISTICRETE can be applied by pump and spray or hawk and trowel to the desired thickness in a single coat application. BALLISTICRETE installation can be completed in one day, using a single or scratch and brown coat method of application.


Mixing water must be potable and not to exceed 75 F. May be remixed or agitated during application but may not be re-tempered with water after initial mixing has taken place Should be applied under ambient conditions of > 35% relative humidity and 55-85 F temperature
Substrate temperature should not exceed 85 F

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