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Radiant Barrier Reflective Insulation is an insulation that offers a permanent way to reduce rising energy costs and conserve vital natural resources.

Radiant Barriers reflect radiant heat instead of trying to absorb it. This dramatically reduces heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. Applications range from residential to industrial. Radiant Barrier Insulation is used for flooring and attics, walls, around pipes and ductwork, under vinyl siding, under spas and pools, and all other places where you want to keep areas warm or cool. All products may be installed with new construction or retrofitted for any remodeling or improvement projects.

Research at the Florida Solar Energy Center indicates that heat gain prevention is critical to energy performance. Radiant energy creates 90% of heat gain in homes. Our products will reflect 97% of that radiant heat.

All of our products are manufactured in the United States by the Northwestern Ohio Foam Products (NOFP). All NOFP are lightweight and easy to install. They have a fire rating of Class A/Class 1. They come with a patented self-taping edge to ensure a seal that creates a moisture, vapor, thermal, sound and radon barrier all in one product.

It resists all three types of heat transfer, Conduction, Convection, and most importantly, Radiant Energy Transfer. The design incorporates the proven effectiveness of the Thermos? Bottle, with improved flexibility and light weight, that makes installing and handling an enjoyable experience. Properly installed, Reflective Insulation resists convective currents and provides an excellent barrier against air infiltration from the outside.

It also is an excellent vapor retarder. Unlike other types of mass insulations reflective insulation does not absorb moisture at all. In fact, installed in conjunction with mass insulations it can help them stay drier and warmer, eliminating dew points that may occur in the mass insulation, improving the performance of the mass insulation. Customers have been praising Reflective Insulation and reporting back that their comfort levels are improved and their energy bills are reduced.


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