Save Energy, Natural Resources and have a healthier building with radiant barrier products.

Reduce your carbon footprint! Keep A/C from running so much, energy consumption will be reduced and you will be improving the quality and value of your building. Roof temperatures reach upwards of 165 Degrees F and attic temperatures can reach 130 degrees F on a typical August day. According to industry sources, radiant heat makes up to 93% of summer heat gain, and Up up to 75% of winter heat loss. Conventional insulations such as fiberglass or foam spray address two of the three mechanisms (convection and conduction) of energy transfer and are affected by humidity, but do nothing to stop radiant energy transfer.

That is why Green Builders are now using Radiant Barriers in new homes and renovations. A radiant barrier reflects radiant heat energy instead of trying to absorb it. During the winter, 50-75% of heat loss through the ceiling/roofing system and 65-80% of heat loss through walls is radiant. If you are depending on R-value (resistance) alone to insulate against heat gain and loss, you are not doing all you can to conserve energy. According to the Florida Solar Energy Center, Reflective radiant barrier foils consistently improve the performance of conventional insulation in ceiling and wall application. NASA has utilized radiant barriers for many years. Radiant barriers are used in warm climates to reduce heat gain and in cool climates to prevent up to 75% of heat loss from your building.

MicroFoil is reflecting quality to the core; it is the top of the line radiant barrier product made from ½" flexible polypropylene with state -of-the-art pure aluminum foil with scrim for strength. It has patented self seaming tape edges. It is tear-proof, vapor-retarder, moisture-proof, mold-resistant, bug-proof and can reflect up to 97% of the radiant energy. It has the highest fire rating. Usages range from homes, post frames, as skirting for modular/mobile homes, animal barns, under vinyl siding/HardiPlank, metal buildings, metal roofing, workshops, business, anywhere you want to save energy. Improve the quality of all your building projects by using radiant barriers. You will be saving on energy costs, improving the value and quality of your homes; doing your part to have a green building, reducing global warming and conserving energy.

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