PlasterMax™ the only code approved drywall replacement over ICF.

Recycled Green building material that is abuse and mold resistant by Gigacrete™

PlasterMax over ICF
PlasterMax - Worlds first fire rated sustainable, abuse resistant interior veneer plaster specifically formulated for EPS foam but can also be applied over EPS form, CMU, drywall, and concrete blocks. PlasterMax offers unparalleled abrasion resistance, fire rating performance, healthy indoor air quality and environmental sustainability.

PlasterMaxPerformance Benefits.

  • Single coat applications from 1/8"- ¼" (1/8" replaces ½ gypsum board
  • Provides tough protective finish over ICF/SIP's
  • Impact Resistance (ASTM C1629)
  • High Performance resistance (ASTM D4977)
  • Zero flame spread and smoke developed (ASTM 84)
  • Non combustible building material (ASTM E136)
  • Smooth or textured finishes- accepts paint
  • Applied by conventional spray pumps or hawk and trowel
  • Exceeds EPA and CA indoor air quality & VOC standards (AQS, Report # 157763)
  • Environmentally sustainable without the addition of crystalline silica
  • No dust generated, important in some environments. (PlasterMax interior finish)
  • Mold and Mildew resistant, will not support growth, scores highest on ASTM D3273
  • Eliminates difficult drywall applications on ceilings
  • Suitable as final fire barrier coating for wall areas above ceiling grids
  • Resistant to fire, moisture, insect, vermin, mold and mildew
  • A sustainable "Green" product.
  • Minimum 6,000 PSI compressive strength, (ASTMC109)
  • Meets all emission level requirements of GreenGuard Report # 15995-06
  • Recognized by LEED and US Green Building Council for points

PlasterMax for applications over EPS foam to replace Gypsum board with a fire rated abuse resistant barrier

PlasterMax replacing Gypsum Board

GigaCrete building products are NON COMBUSTIBLE

While the PlasterMax interior veneer plaster system provides the ultimate in finishing of ICF construction, its application over EPS insulation sheets, energineered panesl such as cement or fiberboard, monolithic concrete and unit masonry, offers unique advantages to these conventional all systems as well. Important product performance features include: superior fire resistance, 0 flame spread and 0 smoke developed, no VOC emissions, extreme abrasion and improved indent resistance superior to abuse resistant gypsum board and high resistance to mold and mildew.

The new concrete matrix does not use Portland cement, sand or gravel but instead a proprietarty nontoxic polymer binder. The fillers include waste paper, cardboard, plastics, Styrofoam packaging, recycled glass, sludge from paper mills and agricultural waste fibers. The recycled materials are mixed with GigaCrete's own mineral cement formulation, which requires less water and yields less carbon dioxide in production than cement. Most of these materials would end up in a landfill instead they make a great alternative Green Building Product. It is mixed like concrete with dry ingredients but with very little water. Normal concrete requires up to 28 days for adequate curing but GigaCrete products sets solid in 4 hours and is usable in 8 hours. It is less expensive building solution due to the speed of construction and therefore labor savings.

GigaCrete Products are Green

No other product has all the benefits of GigaCrete's PlasterMax and BallistiCrete

GigaCrete Products are Green

PlasterMax over EPS foam to replace Gypsum board with a fire rated abuse resistant barrier

  • Eliminate cutting around outlets, ducts, trusses, sprinkler lines, conduits.
  • Eliminate sound transmitting steel screws.
  • Eliminate taping joints, drywall compound and repeated dusty sanding.
  • Eliminate repairing holes by cutting out drywall and repeated taping and sanding again.
  • PlasterMax can be sprayed directly over ICF/SIP's panels and patched with the same 1 coat of paint covers.
  • PlasterMax will not support mold or mildew.


Gone are mudding and taping and easily dented and scratched walls

Faster and simpler, less labor, less cost.


PlasterMax Bags are 75lbs 2 part products come pre-mixed. Add part B and mix with plaster mixers

GigaCrete Textrures - smooth and textured


( Thickness of coating)
1/8" = 53.25 SQ Feet per bag
3/16" = 35.5 SQ Feet per bag
¼ = 26 SQ Feet per bag

Applies over ICF/SIP's EPS Foam, CMU, concrete or gyp board, requires a 4.5 oz or heavier Fiberglass mesh typical to EIFS finishes

Composites do not shrink or crack like concrete and are hurricane, earthquake/water/mold resistant all made with recycled materials. Whether you are seeking a coating with leading Green performance requirements for ICF, looking for greater abrasions resistant surfaces for hospitals/schools etc, looking for less maintenance, eliminate mold/mildew issues, trying to reduce labor and installation times, or a designer seeking sustainable materials, GigaCrete products fit the bill.

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