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StuccoMax™ is a revolutionary one coat impact resistant stucco product for use on many exterior substrates and is ideal as a final finish for ICF buildings or SIPS or over conventional construction where ordinary stucco may be applied. StuccoMax™ may be applied in one coat and may be colored through the addition of stucco oxide powders or left in natural gray color. This unique material offers a perfect one coat smooth finish difficult to duplicate using conventional stuccos. Based on local building codes and ICF manufacturer requirements, StuccoMax™ may be applied directly over ICF forms, reducing installation times and costs compared to typical multi-coat stuccos. ICF Contractors will be able to offer single day applications as a preblended ready for mixing with water at the job site and is applied by conventional stucco sprayers or hand trowel. It can be left natural or painted after 48 hours. Costs less installed than traditional stucco.

Example usage of StuccoMax™

Uses include: Residential, Multi story buildings, apartment, condominium, hotel-motel, office, medical and retail.


True one coat application
No Portland cement used

  • Applied at a thickness of 3/16" over EPS foam with 11 oz fiberglass mesh, the installation exceeds impact and indent performance of Sto and Dryvit comparable products applied in multiple coats at a higher cost
  • No shrinking and cracking (which is the most severe problem with Portland type cement based stucco)
  • Abrasion and impact resistant
  • Bonds to most surfaces STUCCOMAX™ is ideal as a final finish for ICF buildings or over conventional construction where ordinary stucco is applied.
  • Forms a strong bond with EPS with tensile bond strength exceeding the tensile strength of the foam substrate.
    • ICF/SIPS
    • Existing stucco
    • Cement block
    • Masonry
    • Poured in place and /or tilt up concrete
    • Wood or OSB
    • Exterior grade gypsum
    • Fiber board
    • EPS or Extruded EPS
  • Environmentally sustainable with low carbon footprint
  • Pre-formulated mix, needs only water on jobsite
  • Noncombustible Zero flame, Zero Smoke, Zero VOC
  • Applied by trowel or spray
  • No need to constantly water down after installation unlike Portland cement type products
  • Smooth finishes or texture determined by applicator
  • Paint to desired colors or leave natural tan-light grey color
  • Hurricane/Earthquake resistant
  • LEED qualified
  • Termite and woodpecker resistant
  • Lower carbon footprint half that of Portland cement
  • Uses 11 oz fiberglass mesh not the more expensive 20 oz mesh

StuccoMax Performance Testing Results


Compressive strength. ASTM C-42 4500+ psi drastically exceeds that of cement stucco which are typically 700 psi to 1,800 psi. 
Impact Resistant (in lb) ASTM D5420 >200
Surface Burning ASTM E-84 Flame Spread: 0 Smoke: 0
Flexure ASTM C-293 (Modulus of rupture) 2,400 psi.
Bond strength ASTM C882-99 (Shear slant) 4,500 psi.
Shrinkage (% by length) ASTM C-157 Air cure 7 days 0.00
Combustibility ASTM E - 136 Non combustible
Water absorption. ASTM C-20 <8%
Unit weight 120 lbs per cu ft.
Freeze/thaw cycles ASTM C-67 40 cycles no deterioration
Impact testing tested with 11 oz mesh and one coat. Tested to 221 lbs! Code limit is 150. (Most other materials require 20 oz and multi layered mesh to reach 150lbs impact which add to costs.)
Dishwasher test (very destructive repeatable cycles, replicating wind driven rain, extreme heat, steam and dry cycles,) testing stopped at 120 cycles while other exterior coatings failed at only 2 cycles!!)
StuccoMax™ application is identical to conventional stucco, but it is applied as a one coat two pass with imbedded mesh. StuccoMax™ creates a water resistant finish yet still breathes to allow moisture to evaporate naturally.

Mortar Fungus

NO efflorescence with StuccoMax™! Traditional stucco consists of sand and mortar installed over an extruded wire mesh. It is a porous material which will permit moisture to move both in and out of the wall.

StuccoMax™ description: inorganic mixture of mineral binders, limestone fillers and fiberglass mesh yielding exceptional performance. It is environmentally sustainable whilst providing strength, durability and economy. It forms a strong bond with EPS (expanded polystyrene foam) with tensile bond strength exceeding the tensile strength of the foam substrate.

Environmental Consciousness Emits no pollutants even in contact with fire. 98% silica free and does not support the growth of mold and mildew. Low carbon footprint.

Packaging in 75 lbs moisture-resistant sealed plastic bags. One year shelf year when properly stored in original sealed packaging.

Application: Pump and spray or hawk and trowel. Maybe left natural or colored, smooth or textured finished. Regular exterior stains/paints can be applied.

Limitations: Mixing water must be potable and not to exceed 75F. May be remixed or agitated during application but many not be re-tempered with water after initial mixing has taken place. Applied under ambient conditions of more than 35% relative humidity and temperatures of 45-85F. Substrate temperature should not exceed 85F.

Warranty 5 years from date of installation, requiring compliance to the GigaCrete™, Inc. Best Practices Guidelines for StuccoMax™ installation and subject to limitations listed above.


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